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If you manage and schedule carers, you’ll know how complex it can be to juggle all the variables. Who’s available? Where is the client based? What specialisations or experience are needed? What days and times does it involve?

OneTouch Health is a 360˚ management solution that brings together all of those involved in care, from administration to carer, from client to family member. By putting the carer at the centre of the platform, the OneTouch platform ensures that actual care delivery is the priority at all times. Care Providers always have a clear overview of their carers’ availability, ensuring that scheduling can be managed efficiently. Administrators, nurses, carers, family members all have direct and constant access to the information they need, from rostering to billing and payment. The result? More time, energy and focus on delivering care to those who need it allowing you to deliver a world class care experience.


One platform that supports the management of all your care delivery needs including Staff Data, Client Data, Rostering, Care Plans, Data Capture, HR and Financial Management

  • Client Scheduling - Patients and families can see who’s attending and when
  • Carer Scheduling - Carers know where they stand at all times
  • Time & Attendance - Hours are logged, absence and substitution are managed
  • Client & Carer details managed - Relevant client information such as medical and dietary details are securely managed, along with carer information
  • Data Protection & Compliance – Full explanation of what information is stored, how and why
  • Billing – generate invoices from system - smooth and integrated billing and payment processes
  • Payroll & Timesheet's – Carer login times updated in real-time via the Carer App
  • Financial Reporting – Comprehensive reporting available on request offering full transparency
  • HR Management – Management of holidays, sick leave and rostering. Carer assignments are made appropriate to their qualifications
  • Incident record keeping - Any incidents, medical or otherwise, are reported, recorded and acted upon appropriately
  • Training – online staff training videos - To ensure all stakeholders derive maximum benefit from One Touch, staff training videos are provided
  • Assessment Forms – All businesses have their own systems and identities. This feature allows you to design and build bespoke electronic forms for your company
  • eDocument Management & File Sharing - files are stored, managed and shared securely and easily through One Touch
  • One Touch Health provide a clear, thorough demonstration outlining how to use the system to the best advantage of patients, carers, families and administrators


Key Benefits:

  • Bringing new clients and carers into the system is simple
  • One Touch Health integrates easily with third party systems
  • We can customise One Touch Health to meet individual or specific care provider needs
  • Ongoing service and support – we listen our customers and learn from them


An easy single point application to manage your carers in real time in the field.

Nurses and carers can:

  • Clock in and out of appointments through One Touch
  • Any late clock-ins are flagged and recorded
  • Google maps can be integrated into the One Touch platform making patient locations easier to find and reach
  • View client information, schedules, automated timesheets, ADL and care plans
  • Update daily notes or assessments from a mobile device
  • Sign off on completion of pre-defined care tasks and add new ones as needed
  • Communicate directly with the admin team/care team and family members through:
    • Task Manager
    • Duty Tracking
    • Handover Notes
    • Comments To User Profile
    • Private Messaging
  • Receive documents and images from admin via the filing cabinet function


Optimised or customised versions can be created for remote care teams and residential care teams to meet specific needs.



One mobile app that allows family members to participate in, monitor and support their loved ones. Now more than ever it is important to keep our users connected. By enabling relatives to participate and monitor care this provides reassurance and can also help combat loneliness for our users.

One Touch gives you the following through your smart phone: 

  • Your loved one’s Care Schedule
  • Their carer’s notes
  • Life Journals
  • Daily Diaries, detailing meals, medication etc.
  • Activity Tracker
  • Wellness Monitoring
  • Messaging - wherever you are you can send messages directly to the carer/nurse or your loved one
  • One-touch is also an easy way of sharing family events and staying in touch, through photos and video calling
  • Medication adherence - you will be alerted when medication has been given
  • Goal achievements. Any targets - therapeutic or otherwise - can be tracked, logged and updated through One Touch


An easy access application that offers daily engagement relating to a clients care plan including notifications, allowing better client self-management.

The Client App includes a variety of organisational, therapeutic and communication facilities to help clients to operate to the best of their abilities:

  • Daily Diaries Life
  • Journals Customised
  • News Feeds
  • Cognitive Training
  • Wellness Tracking
  • Easy-to-use Touch Screen Technology
  • Video Calling
  • Assists self-management of care programmes
Bespoke solutions

Bespoke solutions

Custom Built:

We understand that every homecare business has unique systems and areas of specialisation. Our team are ready and willing to customise and modify a version of our system to incorporate your specific needs.

Onboarding process

step 1 1. Evaluate Your Needs
step 2 2. Create Smart Tech Solutions
step 3 3. Support Your Business Growth

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